Tuesday, 8 May 2012

.. a SMASH*ing good time! ..

So I started keeping a Smash book for all the knick knacks I have relating to Magnolia. This smash book is dedicated to just anything Magnolia - images that I have colored that never made to any project, emails from Lena and Asa from Magnolia, from my fellow DT members, ideas I have for projects for the Ink.. I will show some pages I have done from time to time in my smash book :) In the meantime, this is the cover I did for my smash book, the tag is actually something I did a few weeks ago and posted. It's not really advisable to put any of the flowers you usually put on the card in any of the pages as it will create too much of a bulk. I try to keep it simple inside.

Smash book is by K&Company, it's actually a baby smash book but I liked the images inside and it's in green (which is my favorite color by the way)!

For me it's a really practical 'album' for images that I just like to color :) it's kinda fun to see how I have/will evolve with regards to my coloring style, etc. so maybe you can call it my coloring book of sorts :) I will still continue to do cards and other stuff with the cute images :) I actually do very minimal scrapbooking since I started Project Life - right now my interest is really with coloring Magnolias - it's so addictive :)

Thanks for stopping by this midweek :)

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  1. This looks amazing Pearl I can't wait to see some of the amazing work on the inside pages.